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Not your typical retreat!

Northern Ontario, Canada

A Day at the Old Mission Resort

You wake to the sound of cedar crackling in your cabin’s wood stove… a typical day is about to begin at Old Mission Resort! As the morning sun burns away the morning mist, the familiar scent of bacon fills the air. Thru the picture window, your moored boat begins to appear. Will you catch yellow pickerel, a northern pike or perhaps experience a doubleheader take of smallmouth bass? Will you find the lucky spot on your own or will you take some advice from one of our seasonal campers?

Seize The Day

Spectacular scenery and exciting fishing awaits.

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Perhaps the best spot will be Pike Bay, Gull Rock, Blue-Berry Point, the Pinnacle or somewhere in between. Of course, right off the Mission shoreline at the Narrows of Lake Temiskaming could be today’s sweet spot. At Old Mission Resort, you’re at the helm and captain of the ship! By noon, your fish have been cleaned at one of the stations. Your day of adventure has only just begun!

An explorer's paradise!

Experience the rugged, majestic beauty
of Lake Temiskaming

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How might you spend your afternoon? An explorer’s paradise awaits… tour the majestic lake or venture up an on-site trail for a spectacular view of Lake Temiskaming.

A history buff's haven!

Discover the rich heritage of this historic region

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If history or heritage is your passion, experience the local Heritage Silver Trail or venture across the Narrows to Fort Temiskaming where a Hudson’s Bay Trading Post re-creation is waiting to inspire you.

It's your vacation... relax!

Splash in the lake, hit the links and have fun with family and friends.

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You’re on vacation, a relaxing day at the beach may be just what you need. A round of golf across the bay may entice you more. Perhaps a game of horseshoes? This is Northern Ontario and opportunity for adventure awaits you

It's your retreat at the end of a perfect day!

Spacious and comfortable, your private cabin awaits.

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It’s been a perfect day at Old Mission Resort and you’ve made memories that will last a lifetime.
Retire to the comfort of your own private cabin, fully equipped for your comfort.
Get some rest, tomorrow your adventure begins all over again.

Old Mission Resort... not so typical after all!

Northern Ontario, Canada