Where is Old Mission Resort?

With 1 and a half kilometers of shoreline, Old Mission Resort is located on 288 acres of pristine landscape overlooking scenic Lake Temiskaming. The property encompasses Mission Point, the site where, in 1866, Temiskaming Districts first church, school and hospital were built. The site fostered relations between the French, English and Algonquin peoples who came together to trade at Fort Temiskaming, a Hudson’s Bay Trading Post located nearby on the Quebec side of the lake. Historically, Indigenous people frequented the area for over 6,000 years – undoubtedly for the abundant fishing and hunting opportunities that still entice people to the area today.

288 Acres of Pristine Landscape
Overlooking Scenic Lake Temiskaming

The Story Behind Old Mission Resort…

By the mid-1800’s, logging operations were in full swing in the area where log booms would float down Lake Temiskaming and the Ottawa River System. To speed logging operations, in the spring of 1882 the steamer “Mattawan” departed from the town of Mattawa travelling upstream on the Ottawa River. It was winched over four sets of rapids before finally making it to the bottom end of Lake Temiskaming. As one of the only inhabited areas of the region, the Old Mission was poised to welcome this first steamboat on Lake Temiskaming as the Mattawan arrived on its shores June 4th, 1882 – literally with steam whistles blowing!

Over a period of 80 years, more than 50 boats steamed on Lake Temiskaming. Some, like the Mattawan and Lady Minto, were for towing log booms. Others, like the Meteor and Temiskaming, were used to transport freight, mail and settlers to the region or chartered for sightseeing and picnic excursions. Some others, like the Silverland and the Scotchman, were used during the Cobalt Silver Rush days and as a fishing tug respectfully. Together, these steamships started endless opportunities for the Temiskaming District.

Today, Old Mission Resort pays tribute to these important steamboats and much of our theme is developed based on them.

Meet Your Hosts!

Life partners Pat and Don were both born in New Liskeard near the shores of Lake Temiskaming. When we met, we both had office jobs but couldn’t wait for the weekend to go fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking … anything outdoors. Weekends spent at the family cottage were always a highlight where we could enjoy most of our favorite outdoor activities all from one place. It seemed we were both been beckoned to the shores of Lake Temiskaming all our lives. On July 20th, 2017 we purchased the Old Mission Resort … a dream come true.

We hope to one day share a sunrise, local history and a campfire with you. One stay and we are sure you will agree … Old Mission Resort is not your typical retreat!