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Old Mission Resort offers a multitude of activities to do.

Located less than 250 meters from Fort Temiscamingue, a Hudson Bay Trading Post on the Quebec side of Lake Temiskaming, the Old Mission property encompasses Mission Point, the site where, in 1866, Temiskaming Districts first church, school and hospital were built. The mission was established to foster relations between the French, English and Algonquin peoples who came together to trade at Fort Temiskaming. The mission pioneered the current theme behind the Lake Temiskaming Tour initiative – Three cultures – two provinces – one great lake! For more information about the Lake Temiskaming Tour please visit:

Fort Temiscamingue itself is now a National Historic Site commemorating the trading post’s role in the fur trade for nearly two centuries. Now administered by Parks Canada, a visit to Fort Temiscamingue is well worth the short trip from the Old Mission across the narrows of Lake Temiskaming. More information on Fort Temiscamingue can be found at:

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In the early years of the Old Mission, there were no roads or railways. The primary means of transportation in the area was by water. As one of the only inhabited areas of the region, the Old Mission was poised to welcome the first steam ship, the S.S. Mattawan, which arrived June 4th, 1882. Since then, for a period of over 80 years, more than 50 boats steamed on Lake Temiskaming opening endless opportunity in the Temiskaming District.

Today, Old Mission Resort pays tribute to these important steamboats and you will find much of our theme is developed based on them. They were the primary means of transportation for decades. A century later, much of the areas amenities like golfing, fine restaurants, lodging, heritage sites, museums, shopping centers, farmers markets and other attractions can still be reached directly from the water. The following YouTube video by Mike Jacobs provides an amazing guide to local attractions all of which can be accessed directly from Lake Temiskaming:

Old Mission Resort... not so typical after all!

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