Like the steamships they are named after, each of our well-kept cottages has an ambience and character of their own! Built in the shelter of a mountain directly behind, each cabin is equipped with a propane stove, fridge and lights, a wood stove, running water and two-piece baths. Dishes, cutlery, pots and pans are all provided. Comfortable and spacious, each cabin feels like home – they even have guest photos hanging on the walls!

Cabin 1 – S.S. Argo

Cabin 1 is a one-bedroom cabin named after the S.S. Argo – the first steamship actually built on Lake Temiskaming. This cabin has a comfortable double bed as well as a single bed in the same room – perfect for a couple with a child. Built under the shade of a magnificent oak tree, this cabin is truly one of our favourites.

Cabin 2,3,4 – S.S. Meteor, S.S. Jubilee, S.S. Temiskaming

Cabins 2, 3 and 4 are all of the same design and layout featuring two bedrooms in each. Situated beside one another, these cabins are popular for groups of guests vacationing together but wanting accommodation on their own. Overlooking the docking area, the view of Lake Temiskaming is unobstructed from the picture window!

Cabin 5 – S.S. Scotchman

Cabin 5 is one or our largest cottages and features three bedrooms. In close proximity to the boat launch, dock and fish cleaning station, this cabin is a favorite among fishing buddies. The cabin is named after the S.S. Scotchman- a steamship built in 1904 and used as a fishing tug on Lake Temiskaming.

Cabin 6 – S.S. Mattawan

Cabin 6 is a two-bedroom cottage situated near the shoreline of Lake Temiskaming. Located near a beautiful campsite, many guests reserve this cottage to be close to their RV buddies. This cottage features its own firepit and uninterrupted view of the lake! Being so close to the lake, we named this cabin after the S.S. Mattawan. This steamship was the first on Lake Temiskaming and arrived near this very spot on June 4, 1882!

Cabin 7 – S.S. Little Roxy

Cabin 7 is a one-bedroom cottage located “over the knoll” from the other cottages. Situated right on the lakeshore, this cabin has its own dock and firepit as well as a private driveway. Truly a favourite for couples wanting a little more peace and privacy. The cabin is named after the S.S. Little Roxy, a fishing tug built in 1896 and later used for small runs and private excursions.

Cabin 8 – Alexandria

Cabin 8 is a three-bedroom cottage appropriately named after the S.S. Alexandra – the largest ship to have steamed on Lake Temiskaming. Built for the son of the original owner, this spacious cabin features a covered front porch, ample parking and private firepit as well as a big kitchen and living space. As it is separated from the other cottages, this cabin is reserved frequently by larger families and groups.

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