When was the last time you answered the “Call of the Wild”?
Do you know who first penned this phrase?
When Jack London set sail in 1897 to strike it rich in the Klondike, he discovered something much more precious than gold. His adventure, majestic landscapes and colorful stories of the people he met were his inspiration for such novels as “White Fang”, “The Sea Wolf” and, you guessed it, the “Call of the Wild”.
Did you know that the Silver Boom in Cobalt was so much larger than the Klondike Gold Rush? At the turn of the last century, the Cobalt Silver Boom had folks saying “Toronto? … that’s the place you catch the train to Cobalt”. Come and discover this rich history that few people know about!

New for 2021!
Old Mission Resort, another hidden gem, is offering an authentic prospectors experience in collaboration with the Historic Town of Cobalt and the Cobalt Miners Museum. See it. Do it. Live it!
This is Northeastern Ontario & Yours to Discover! Adventure awaits….
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See it…
The Historic Town of Cobalt and the Cobalt Miners Museum.

The town of Cobalt, “the town that silver built”, is Ontario’s most Historic Town. Cobalt’s winding streets, brick buildings, scarred landscape and steadfast headframes echo the ghosts of the tens of thousands who once made this National Historic Site their home. Silver was first discovered by two contractors sourcing railroad ties for the T&NO Railway. On August 7, 1903, their eyes were caught by the gleam of metallic flakes in the rock at the end of what is now Cobalt Lake. A few weeks later, as the story goes, a blacksmith named Fred Larose threw his hammer at a pesky fox, missed it, but knocked off a piece of rock to expose a glittering vein of silver. The town of Cobalt was born! The Cobalt Mining Museum has hundreds of artefacts on display related to the Cobalt Silver Boom at the turn of the last century. Their artefacts tell a visual story of Canada’s last great mineral rush. The curators of the museum are very knowledgeable of the area and have exciting stories to share!

Do it…
Experience the Silver Heritage Trail and Cobalt Mining Museum Underground Mine Tour.

The Heritage Silver Trail is a tour around various mine sites in Cobalt. The trail can be navigated by motor vehicle, foot or bicycle (our favorite). At each of the 19 sites, you will find a sign depicting the history of the location. Very informative and interesting, the tour brings to life the remnants of this prosperous mining town.
The underground mine tour is a guided tour of the Colonial Mine Adit. The Colonial Mine was operational from 1907 to 1937 and produced over 1.25 million ounces of silver during Cobalt’s silver rush! Put yourself in the boots and hard hat of a miner. Experience first-hand what it was like to be a prospector searching for riches at the turn of the last century!

Live it…
The remote Glamping Experience at Old Mission Resort!

Return to Nature at Old Mission Resort. Sleep under the stars, in one of our prospector tents and dream of the glory days gone by of the Cobalt Silver Rush! Our tents are nestled among the pines, cedar and maples overlooking mystical Lake Temiskaming where many more outdoor adventures await. This is Northeastern Ontario & Yours to Discover! Adventure awaits…

Book now, to discover what hidden treasures will inspire you?